New Beginnings : DV Options

New Beginnings: DV Options is a place where people can acquire new tools to improve their family relationships.  Old habits will be examined and new skills will be developed. This is an opportunity for personal growth and discovery.

What we do:

We use a structured program that has proven success in assisting people get through the all too common avoidance tactics, (minimizing, denial and blame shifting) seen among people that have been under the influence of escalating violence.  For some, the use of these tactics has been going on for years. 

The New Beginnings/ D.V. Options program is a three-tier domestic violence intervention program that provides several choices for the referral source and clients.

Tier 1: This is a 12 week non-certified educational program that employs the same power and control curriculum that the certified 24 week batterers' intervention program utilizes with the same requirement of an assessment and orientation. Clients should be referred to tier 1 only under limited circumstances.

Tier 2: This is a 24 week education program that is State Certified. The emphasis is on power and control tactics used by the abuser and teaches non-violent options.

Tier 3: This is a 36 week education program which includes the Tier 2 components. This lengthier program will help reinforce non-abusive behavior and promote victim's safety. Clients at the tier 3 level have been determined to be the most resistant to past treatment and may represent a higher risk for continued violence.

Program Costs:

Orientation and Enrollment is $35.

Assessment fee (a one time feel paid to a State approved Assessor) is $60.

Group fees are based on a sliding fee scale.

All payments are due at time of service by cash or money order.

What you need to bring to the orientation:

Call 904-707-4710 for an appointment. Bring court papers; proof of income (for example a pay check stub); victim's name, address and phone number; picture ID.

How to find us:

Location: 9140 Golfside #6N, Jacksonville (Baymeadows), FL 32256

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